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09 Oct 2014

2013 AGM Minutes


2013 Annual General Meeting







The Manningham ClubTuesday October 8th. 2013


Alister Ondarchie

Life Members

Cath Mac Donald, Robert Splatt, Jim Gallagher (apology due to Natl Rally), Philip Johnstone, George Stephen,


Gordon Bunyan, National rally participants (all having a great time).

Minutes last AGM

ReceivedMoved: Rob SplattSeconded: Roger Mannett

Agenda This Meeting

As Distributed:



Welcome to all to the 2013 TSOA Vic Annual General Meeting. Celebrating 54 years of TSOA.A note of thanks to committee members who are standing down.Welcomed Chuck McGuiness from USA. Chuck has many years of experience building TR from his entire family.

First order of business for meeting: proposal to adopt the Model Rules for an Incorporated Association. Special Resolution was moved by Alana Ondarchie. Seconded: Mark Campbell.  The resolution was carried on a unanimous show of hands. All related matters were noted as per the Agenda. As was confirmation of the name and purpose of the Association and the financial year end date.

Vice President

Vice Presidents Annual Report delivered (as per October Traction).


All statutory requirements for the year have been met. Thanked Cameron Wright for effort in preparing changes to Constitution.Thanks to all members for their support of the committee and their work during the year.Thanks to the other committee members for their dedication to their roles as volunteers with the best interests of the club always in mind. Offered to serve another term as Secretary.



2012/13 Annual accounts prepared and being Audited. Accounts were issued in last Traction.Variations are predominantly due to the National Rally.Approximate income: ~ $108.316.00.

Surplus of some ~$26.742.00 which did affect accounts to the extent that it could lead to undue confusion.

National rally income ~$110.615.00.

Cash on hand ad end of June: ~$46.713.00. (note: two years ago this figure was ~$38.000.00)

The incoming committee have indicated they will look into accounting arrangements in 1014/15.

Treasurer moved a motion: Next Committee review the audit arrangements.

Moved: Alana Ondarchie; Seconded: Robert Splatt.




Noted apparent lack of competing members, however, when looked at as a whole more than 50 members compete in various competitions. This keeps TSOA Banner flying high.Full report in TRaction.


Social Secretary committee position not filled in 2013.


Current Membership Current Members: 285 (last year 309)Membership Secretary’s Annual Report to be published in Traction.


All Members thanked for submissions throughout year. Website getting positive response. TRaction is evolving and response is positive.Editor challenged Members to compete for some Memorabilia by locating the ‘oldest’ piece of TSOA history in their possession.


AOMC – All going well at AOMC with 4 major shows, 4 Delegates Meetings, and 2 seminarsThe introduction of the revised Club Permit Scheme has been achieved with great input from the AOMCMSCA – Refer Competition Secretary’s Report

CPS – There has been a steady increase in applications for the CPS. We currently have 132 cars on the scheme (last year 105 cars of 83 members were on the scheme.

A reminder to all to be extremely diligent in the use of the CPS Log Book

—————————————————————————————————————————- Meeting was handed to the Public Officer who thanked the outgoing committee for their service. It was determined that there were sufficient members present to continue with the meeting and the election of 2013/14 office bearers.


Motion: To approve Chairperson’s Report: Moved Alana Ondarchie; seconded Keith Ondarchie.

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report: Moved Robert Splatt; seconded S. Price.

All positions were declared vacant.


All Committee positions were declared vacant.

Nominations Received:

President – Alister Ondarchie

Vice President  – Robert Splatt

Treasurer – Roger Mannett

Secretary – Ian Cowie

Membership Secretary – Barry Pritchett

Editor – Cate Forbes

Competition Secretary – Lindsay Coleman

Events Coordinators (formerly Social Secretary) – Vincent Perillo & Peter Lane

All positions were approved unanimously


Other roles confirmed:

CAMS – Lindsay Coleman

Victorian Speed Events Panel – Lindsay Coleman

MSCA – Bruce Astbury

Web Master – Keith Atherton

Club Permit Scheme – Ron Farrugia

AOMC – Philip Johnstone


Meeting Closed at 9.08 pm


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23 Sep 2014

Wings & Wheels 2014

Wings Wheels 2014

Wings & Wheels Car Sprint 2014

The second Wings & Wheels Car Sprint for Historic Cars and Motorcycles was conducted at Maryborough airport on Sunday 14th September.  The meeting, organised by the Austin Seven Car Club, is an interesting mix of a quarter-mile sprint along the aerodrome runway and flying displays and exhibitions around the Old Aviators Flying Museum based at the airport.  It is a private museum, ordinarily open only by appointment, but during the week-end of this annual event it is open to the public.
Three TSOA members turned up to give their cars a burn on the airstrip and quite a few other Triumphs were spotted in the display car line up in the car park.  The only one recognised was Warwick, up from Warrnambool for the day in his red Stag, which we believe has had a bit of work done on it recently, but also present were two TR3’s a Spitfire, a TR6 and another Stag.   Max Hayes and Ed Ferguson in their TR7/V8’s and Ken Slater in his Dolomite Sprint entered as competitors and enjoyed one sighting run on the quarter-mile distance followed by three timed runs.  Last year’s inaugural event was spoilt a bit by too much grit and loose stuff on the track (consequence of a recent resurfacing of the runway), resulting in cars with any sort of torque going sideways, even in third gear.  But in preparation for this year the local council had done a terrific job of cleaning off most of the surface material and times were much more consistent and faster.
Max easily won his event (Production Sports Cars 1970 – 75, all capacities) with a very impressive time of 14.41 seconds.  Indeed Max was in the top four fastest cars on the day which is a great result considering he was up against cars such as Camaro, Falcon and several Cobras, all with more horse power.  Ed just managed to get under the 15.0seconds with a 14.9 on his final run.  Ken’s best time for the day was 18.5sec, which was enough to win his event (Production Sports Cars 1961 – 69, over 2001cc).
This now appears as if it will be an annual event and, with the Central Goldfields council committed to improving the set-up at the airport, should be one to mark on your calendar for next year, along with Eddington, Myrniong and the Geelong Revival week-end.

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22 Aug 2014

From UK to OZ – Forty years of TR Motoring

Michael Heaton
TR3A “Greenie”

Having recently clocked up 40 years of TR motoring I thought I’d share a few of my TR experiences on both sides of the world with fellow enthusiasts of TSOA.

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15 Aug 2014

August Membership Update report

Membership Matters   July/Aug 2014
We have 8 new members join us during the last couple of months.
Rod Flavel and son Matthew have a Spitfire that they plan on doing some competition with so will no doubt be at an MSCA event real soon. A second father/son combo in Mark & Caleb Fielding with a 2000 Mk II Sedan have joined with the car almost complete and soon to be on the Club Permit scheme.
Doug Edwards who the 6 Hour regulars will know as team sponsor and mechanic extraordinaire has purchased a Triumph and has now joined the club. Perhaps he will drive in an upcoming 6 hour soon.
July saw Paul Wainscott who owns a TR4 and Steve Powell a TR5 also join. And Ben Kingwill, son of current member Peter signed up so they can now come to events in 2 cars.
Please make all the new members welcome when you see them at an event or meeting.

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12 Aug 2014

Phillip Island 6 Hour 2014

by Ed Ferguson

Over the week-end of 2nd and 3rd August, TSOA was well represented at this year’s 6Hr regularity relay event at the fabulous Island track. This is one of the big three 6-hour events (Sandown and Winton are the other two) that the club aims to compete in each year. 

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03 Aug 2014

2015 Concours News

latest news on the 2015 Concours planning; Click here 14-08-01concours


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01 Aug 2014

Xmas in July 2014

The drive out to the meeting point was pretty brisk, especially with the roof down but strangely not too windy at 110kms.

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10 Jul 2014

20th Otways Classic

Read George Stephens excellent report on the 20th Otways Classic in honour of Paul & Peter Kavanagh (KBI)  last time as organisers:       20th Otway Classic web[2]  click on this link to download  as a PDF.

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08 Jul 2014

PCV 4 Hour Sandown 2014

Click here to view Sandown 4 Hour 2014c

by Ursula Weidenmuller

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29 Jun 2014

June Morning Coffee report

June MORNING  COFFEE meeting report

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